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Whether training with Brad or having him deliver the best digital content you could ask for, he has provided some quick links to things you may need.

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Training Resources

Here are some direct links to the resources you will need.

Audacity Software for Mac

  • Once the download has completed to your Downloads folder, Double-click the DMG file to mount it.
  • Drag the icon rightwards onto the “Applications” folder shortcut.
  • You can also drag Audacity out of the DMG to any other location. You need the administrator password to copy Audacity to “Applications”.
  • Launch from /Applications or from your chosen location.
  • Do not double-click the “” in the DMG window to launch it. Audacity must not be run from the DMG.

Audacity Software for Windows

  • Once downloaded then launch the downloaded .exe file and follow the online instructions (or unzip the .zip file)

Zoom Client Software

  • Click the big blue arrow on the left of your browser window once the download has completed and follow instructions.

Training Checklists

Make sure yiou are prepared for you online training with these simple tips

Audio Recording Checklist


If you can, download Audacity from the resource links above and install the software before the session


Try recording you voicw and play it back to test the quality of you microphone,


If you’d like to investigate getting a better microphone ring Katoomba music on 4782 1121 or vist the website at

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Smart Training Checklist


Have some paper or a netbook handy and a pen. 


Take short notes to help remind you of the main points but don’t try and write a novel.


If you miss or don’t understand something ask Brad to go backand repeat.


Brad is a nerd and might not realise you don’t know what the hell he is talking about. Let him know that you want him to explain something so normal people can understand!


Have a glass of wine handy before the meeting


Have fun!

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